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For more than 100 years, Zeelandia has had a reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality products and – ever increasingly as a supplier of products and concepts that reflect important consumer trends. Our thorough knowledge of markets – all over the world – serves as a source of inspiration and information for developing products and concepts which prove a success with both bakers and consumers. This explains the Zeelandia motto “Creating Possibilities”. Not only the name Zeelandia, but also the logo, are reminiscent of company’s origins. The Dutch province of Zeeland, which consists largely of a delta. This province’s coat of arms bears a lion and rippling water, elements that you can also find in our logo.

Zeelandia was founded in 1900 by the youngest son of a Dutch baker: Herman Johan Doeleman. He started by producing rusk jelly, an aid in baking light, crispy rusks. Already in the early twenties the first export activities started and in 1923 already an importer in Belgium was appointed.

Many other European countries followed after WO II. In the seventies, export activities became much more a structured part of the company activities, resulting in speedy growth abroad. Nowadays bakers in more than 60 countries use Zeelandia products.

In 1925, H.J. Doeleman was granted the personal title of “Purveyor to the Royal Household”. In 1950, Zeelandia received the designation ‘Royal’, a title which we display, with due pride, in many aspects of the company.

Innovation is at the heart of the Zeelandia strategy. This means responding alertly to an abundance of developments in the field of baking materials and production processes, food safety, quality, product variation, consumption and purchasing behaviour, etc.

We are continually exploring consumer markets. That means we know which products the market desires. In this way we can create new market opportunities for our customers. Every product is considered from the point of view of the baker, with the aim of determining the right mix between technical feasibility and commercial opportunities.

Zeelandia is supplier of quality products and services which fit the customer’s expectations. Customer satisfaction is the most important parameter for measuring Zeelandia’s quality performance in the market.

As regards product quality food safety is the key factor: the safety of food should be undisputed. Zeelandia production locations have systems in place fulfilling the quality requirements. Most locations hold one or more certificates to underline their quality performance. Food legislation and agreed guidelines of national and international associations of bakery ingredients are fully respected.

The general quality policy of Zeelandia is formulated by the Board of Directors and reviewed annually. Specific areas are dealt with in separate policy statements, e.g. genetical modification, nut policy, lactose, traceability.

The current Zeelandia product assortment consists of a complete range of about 2000 articles for the professional bread and confectionery trade. We have divided these products into product groups, the most important of which you will find below.

Bread improvers Bread mixes
Confectionery mixes Custards
Release agents Bavaroises and Mousses
Fillings Toppings
Glazes Coatings and Icings
Almond paste and Marzipan Stabilizers
Baking powders Decorations
Compounds, Flavours and Spices


Join with Zeelandia, the world of bakery is never easier, more convenient and economical than that.

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