Exhibitors List

Exhibitors List 2018

Exhibitors List 2018

rita voRITAVO CAFÉ: owning Rita Võ Coffee Shops since 2004, thanks to indulging Vietnamese coffee of Rita Võ Chairman, we decide to invest in our own ground & roasted coffee named Rita Võ Coffee which is highly selected from quality coffee bean of CauDat Farm, Lam Dong Province.

We are proud to announce that we use 100% pure coffee with fine coffee beans have been well-selected. No soybean, no corn or additiv
e has been add in. This is also a commitment of Rita Võ to ensure a good products for its customers.
RitaVõ Café has 3 main products:
1. Moka: for those who love to drink coffee but can’t stand too much caffeine. Moka is most suitable for new coffee drinkers or ladies.
2. Thich: Signature product of Rita Võ, Thich is typical blend and flavor coffee, represent for taste of Saigonese. For those who love to drink coffee with milk, Thich is best choice ever.
3. Culi: very strong and heavy, best choice for additive coffee drinkers.

For inquiries, please contact:


01 Tran Nao, Binh An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: +848 6296 0685

Email: ritavocafe@ritavo.com

Website: www.ritavo.com/ritavocafe

Buôn Ma Thuột Coffee Association

logo hiep hoiBuôn Ma thuột Coffee Association links, coordinates and facilitates acitivities of more than 150 members including producers organisations, exporters, roasters to produce and trade various certified sustainable coffees, protected geographical indication coffee. Among producers organisations, 3 cooperatives produce fairtrade coffee and 01  cooperatives produce Buôn Ma Thuột protected geographical indication coffee. Untill 2017, 11 producing and trading coffee companies are authorized to use geographical indication for green coffee. Every year, association members produce and trade more than 200,000 tons of certified or geographical indication green coffee, most of which to international markets. Recently, beside green coffee, roasted/ground/soluble coffees with geographical indication logo processed by roasters members in the association are introduced in the market. The Association is focusing capacity strengthening in production and promotion for high quality and differentiated coffees.

Product categories:
+ Green coffee:
– Certifed sustainable coffee: Utz Certified, 4C, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, 150,000 – 180,000 tons/year
– Wet processed robustas: 8,000 – 10,000 tons/year
– Protected geographical indication coffee: 40,000 – 50,000 tons/year
+ Processed coffee with geographical indication logo “Buonmathuot Coffee”: green coffees are supplied by companies authorised to used geographical indication:
– Roasted/ground coffee: 1,500 – 2,000 tons/year
– Soluble coffee: 100 – 200 tons/year

For inquiries, please contact:

15A Truong Chinh, Buôn Ma Thuột City, Daklak province, Vietnam

Tel: 84-0500 3878822

Email: hhcaphebmt@yahoo.com.vn

Website: www.bmtca.vn


exhibitor cf3-08Apollo, established in 2003, is specialized in Phalaenopsis and Coffee cultivation. Our farm is located in Dalat, Vietnam, total area is approximately 55 hectares. Dalat is the best place for growing Arabica coffee trees with average temperature 18oC and altitude over1500m . Benefiting from the suitable climate, water and soil, we produce highest satisfied coffee products to our customers.

Our aim is to produce the highest quality Arabica green bean and roasted bean to the worldwide market. We harvest cherries by hand only at peak ripeness and dry them on raised beds to ensure consistent moisture content. We practice scientific cultivation methods and technology when processing our coffees. We begin our Farm to Cup story with our prized coffee farm and trust you can taste our passion from our coffee.

Our coffee is not just a beverage; it is our commitment to the highest quality and health product as well as our engagement to sustainable agricultural practice and high social responsibility. We totally say NO with chemical and preservative, we commit to bring the original taste just from our plantation to your cup.

Our coffee has got The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified™ which is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards. Our coffee also achieve 83+ cupping scores for SCAA Specialty Coffee quality.

We have different ways of processing coffee beans and handle all steps right on our own farm, so we can ensure complete quality control from planting to our final products. Weput all our effort, responsibility as well as professional technology in each stage from planting – harvesting- processing- drying to milling the beans. Each stage like a story we inspire and nurture the human spirit to coffee lovers.

For inquiries, please contact:


Tel: 063 3848 095

Email: coffee.vn@royalbase.com

Website: http://www.apolloflora.com

Lamant Cafe

exhibitor cf 2-11Vinh Hiep Co.. Ltd. was established in 1991, with foundation from trading inland agricultural products. In 1999, in Gia Lai province start exporting coffee, introduce Vietnamese coffee to the world.
After more than 25-year experience Vinh Hiep has been exporting coffee to leading market all over the world such as: USA, Italia, Germany, Spain, Japan, Korea,… With ambition to create value and vision providing qualified coffee fulfilled international certification such as: 4C, Rainforest, UTZ, ISO 22000 & HACCP. We ‘re straight to sustainable values in business, Vinh Hiep’s mission is to build up reputation with customers, partners and communities, Vinh Hiep’s vision is to lead the high-end coffee export markets. Vinh Hiep now supplies coffee to leading partners around the world such as: Kimbo, Olam, Icona, Interkom, Noble Agri, Ecom…

Green coffee, Pepper and Processed coffee
Since the passion in coffee, in 2016 Vinh Hiep Co., Ltd launched the new brand name – L’amant Café as clean processed coffee – clean from farm to cup.
About L’amant Café products:
1. Organic: Organic Coffee is harvested on 45 hectare farmed owned by Vinh Hiep since 2018.
2. Decaf Coffee: it‘s for customers who‘d like to eliminate caffeine, coffee is extracted to remove 97% caffeine but still keep its aroma as well.
3. Specialty: The product is rated more than 80% of scores from world testers (Cupper), this is the unique and specialized product in Vietnam recently.
4. Phin Filter: traditional phin products, keep the Vietnamese Phin coffee beauty forever.
5. Coffee Bean: Access to world-class coffee methods, coffee bean raw material is rated by world testers (Cupper), will conquer the most difficult customers locally and internationally.

6. Capsule Coffee: Wherever you have L’amant coffee capsule with the modern machine, easily you enjoy a cup of clean coffee, it shall save you time and serve yourself nicely.
7. Drip coffee filter: It‘s suitable and very convenient for frequent travelers who want to enjoy L’amant coffee everywhere.
Instant Coffee: With specific coffee taste, instant coffee will bring customers the moments of pleasure and convenience

For inquiries, please contact:


404 Le Duan St., Thang Loi Ward, Pleiku City, Gia Lai Provice

Tel: ‘+84 (059) 3759 699

Email: info@lamantcafe.com

Website: www.lamantcafe.com

King Car Trading Co., LTD

logo kingcarKing Car Has a factory located in Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Zone, Dong Nai, belonging to King Car Group (Taiwan) – a leading company in the Beverage sector, famous for its Mr. Brown coffee brand; Other fields such as chemicals, growing orchids, aquaculture, biotechnology; Especially King Car is also known to the world with Kalavan Whiskey factory. King Car always promotes business innovation research and of new products development with the goal of providing consumers with quality products and core values.

Leaflet A5 Kha Ngan-01

Mr. Brown can coffee belongs to King Car – the leading group in Taiwan F&B scene. Since its first introduction in 1982, Mr. Brown can coffee is available to 34 countries worldwide. The Vietnam factory has been established since May 2016 with the modern facility that will be a premise to conquer the Asean market. Every single coffee bean is selected, roasted , grounded with optimum condition by the automatic equipment to ensure the coffee remain its original savor. In Mr Brown, we respect business creation and new production development. Each Mr. Brown can coffee has been crafted with passion and subjects to extremely rigorous quality audits. We are proud to hand brew our high-quality coffee to all our valued consumers.

For inquiries, please contact:

Block A3, Formosa zone, Nhon Trach Industrial Park 3, Hiep Phuoc ward, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai Province.

Tel: (08) 377 344 36 – 37

Email: quyhoa@kingcar.com.tw

Website: www.kingcar.com.tw

Phuong Vy

logoPhuong Vy Coffee and Tea Company is one of leading coffee roasters in Vietnam with more than 60 years and 3 generations in coffee business. We are specialized in wide range of roasted coffee products such as roasted beans, ground coffee, drip bag coffee and coffee capsules. The factory is located at Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II-A, Binh Duong province with 42,000 m2 in size and equipped with modern machineries. Our products are produced under best food safety practices FSSC 22000, ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP. We only source the best beans from famous Vietnam coffee growing provinces to ensure customers’ superior enjoyment.

poster PV 60x80-04poster PV 60x80-02Print


vovos-logoVovos Corporation is exclusive distributor of some prestigious coffee machines & grinders brands from Europe such as : FIAMMA, CONTI, DONGGU, HEY CAFÉ, KUBAN … We supply professional coffee solutions for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, offices & super markets. Our company goals are excelency, quality, price and customer service.

Website: http://caphetra.vn/

vovos-logoVovos Corporation is exclusive distributor of some prestigious coffee machines & grinders brands from Europe such as : FIAMMA, CONTI, DONGGU, HEY CAFÉ, KUBAN … We supply professional coffee solutions for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, offices & super markets. Our company goals are excelency, quality, price and customer service.

Website: http://caphetra.vn/

Phương Vy

phuong-vyPhuong Vy products are widely distributed in big supermarkets like Coop Mart, Big C, Maximark, etc. Phuong Vy products are also sold in Russia and Taiwan. We supply wholesale coffee to many customers in the country. We make private label products that are popular in many supermarkets in many countries including U.S., Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

Website: http://www.phuongvycoffee.com/


logo“In 1949, Takigawa Corporation took the lead in undertaking production of plastic goods. In April 2011, Takigawa Corporation Vietnam was established as a Premium Packaging Manufacturer. With world-class technology and product development capabilities as a pioneers of the flexible packaging industry, we will provide safer, user-friendly and economically outstanding products that meet a range of needs and lead the way to the future of packaging.”

Website: http://www.takigawa-corp.com


logo-kronos“Food Club Trading Company Limited was established on 11-Oct-2010 We specialize in distribution of food & beverage from Australia, Greece & South Africa.”


logo-tai-xuong-6Founded in 2004, FES Vietnam is one of the first companies to bring instant coffee culture to Vietnam with two product lines MacCoffee 3in1 Strong and MacCoffee 3in1 Classic. In addition, FES also bring to Vietnam consumer some convenient and nutritious products such as MacCereal instant, instant chocolate drink MacChocolate. In 2005, FES established a factory in Binh Duong province, begining the conquest of Vietnam taste

Website: http://www.maccoffee.vn/


king_car-1Established in 1979 in Taiwan. KingCar is one of corporations leading in Food & Beverage,… with products such as canned coffee, 3 in 1 coffee, carbonated soft drinks and none-carbonated soft drinks , Whisky , mosquito spray , insect spray,…

Website: http://www.kingcar.com.tw


logo-charles-wembleyFounded in 1980 in Singapore and started business in Vietnam since 1989, Charles Wembley has become the major business partner for fast food chain, hotels, resorts… who are looking for reliable local supplier that can provide one-stop solution with quality equipment, ingredients and high level technical supports.

With the confidence given to us by famous customers such as AEON, Aeon- Citimart Bread Talk, Burger King, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dairy Queen, Domino, Dunkin Donut, Highlands Coffee, KFC, Marugame, Mc Donald, Pepper Lunch, Pizza Hut, Starbuck, Uraetei … we commit to our partners for their highest satisfaction with maximize profit return with our supplies and services.

Website: http://www.charleswembley.com


vietnampaginglogoVietnam Paging is a communications specialist that provides a wide range of products and services including: • Waterproof Drop Proof Guest Call Paging System • Table Call Display System • Table Call Paging System • Coaster Table Locator System • GENI Table Locator System • Mini RCL Guest Call Paging System • RCL Guest Call Paging System • X- Slim Paging System • Nurse Call Paging System We seek to provide premium services, connecting you to the latest technology and allowing you to enjoy quality products together with competitive prices and excellent customer service

Website: http://paging.vn/


d0949e425664dfbfCông ty TNHH KOTO CÔNG TY TNHH KOTO 59 Văn Miếu – Đống Đa – Hà Nội Website: www.koto.com.au VIỆC LÀM 5 KOTO là một doanh nghiệp xã hội hoạt động nhân đạo, đào tạo hướng nghiệp, giáo dục định hướng và tạo công ăn việc làm cho các thanh thiếu niên đường phố, lang thang cơ nhỡ có hoàn cảnh khó khăn. Lĩnh vực đào tạo của KOTO là nghiệp vụ bàn – bar và bếp.

Website: http:// www.koto.com.au

Mr. Brown

logo-mr-brownCurrently , King Car Group is diversified Vietnam market with its product strength is Mr Brown canned coffee , Kavalan Whisky .

Website: http://www.kingcar.com.tw


logo luave-03Được sản xuất từ những nguyên liệu chọn lọc nhập khẩu từ Pháp, Nhật, Thái Lan, Đức, Malaysia… các sản phẩm mang nhãn hiệu Lúave đã ra mắt trong thời gian qua như bột trà sữa MT35, bột Frappe FR33, bột Fappe Vanilla, bột smoothie trà xanh, bột smoothie cacao… đã nhận được rất nhiều sự ủng hộ của người tiêu dùng và những chuỗi nhà hàng, cà-phê nổi tiếng tại Việt Nam như The Coffee House, Breadtalk, Baskin Robbins, Lotteria…

Nhằm mục đích cung cấp cho khách hàng các giải pháp sáng tạo trong pha chế, tất cả trong một tiết kiệm thời gian, ổn định chất lượng với giá thành hợp lý, ứng dụng phong phú, bột Lúave có thể sử dụng riêng lẻ hoặc kết hợp với các nguyên liệu khác để để làm sinh tố, kem, bingsu, sorbet, yogurt, đá xay, siro tuyết, froster, latte và các hình thức đa dạng khác.



Đồng hành cùng Coffee Expo 2017, chúng tôi sẽ tổ chức 5 buổi workshop để cập nhật các xu hướng thức uống đang hot cho mùa hè và dự đoán những xu hướng sẽ bùng nổ trong năm tới, song song là các hoạt động demo, hướng dẫn pha chế diễn ra liên tục tại gian hàng Lúave trong 3 ngày triển lãm.

Nhanh tay đăng ký tham dự workshop để nhận được các phần quà từ Ban tổ chức cũng như quà tặng trực tiếp từ chúng tôi tại booth K07-K09 nhé.

Truy cập https://www.facebook.com/nguyenlieuphache/ hoặc www.luave.com để biết thêm thông tin về nội dung workshop hoặc gọi hotline để trò chuyện cùng chúng tôi 0933438898.

Rhodes Food Group

exhibitor cf-12
Rhodes Food Group is an internationally recognised producer of fresh, frozen and long life convenience meal solutions for customers and consumers throughout South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and in major global markets.
Based in Groot Drakenstein in the Western Cape, South Africa, Rhodes Food Group has a well-capitalised production base comprising 13 manufacturing facilities across South Africa and a fruit processing facility in Swaziland. All operations are well-located close to sources of raw materials and end markets.
The Group also owns a dairy farm at Groot Drakenstein and pineapple plantations in Swaziland and its product range includes canned fruit, jam, vegetable and meat products, bottled salads, fruit juices and purees, fresh ready meals, pies, pastries, bakery and dairy products.

For inquiries, please contact:


Tel: +27 021 870 4186

Email: customercare@rhodesfoodgroup.com

Website: http://www.rhodesquality.com/


exhibitor cf3-14VOVOS Corporation is exclusive distributor of some prestigious brands from Europe such as: coffee machines – FIAMMA, CONTI; grinders – MAHLKONIG, QUAMAR and manufacturing Barista milk, also distribute Dalat milk, roasting with CAFIO brand for all HORECA Supply.
VOVOS Corporation supplies professional solutions for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, offices and supermarkets as well as provide outstanding maintenances and customer service.
VOVOS rises up the level of service to support coffee market, to support customers’ business. Our goals are excellency, quality, price and customer service with slogan “We work for your coffee”

Barista Milk is a special formula for the preparation of Pasteur, which removes microorganisms and bacteria from milk but maintains high nutritional content in milk.
Barista milk is the best choice by professional barista with high demands on milk quality, duration of use, taste and nutrients.
Cafio coffee is a diverse combination of high quality coffees harvested from Da Lat. Cafiocoffee beans do not add flavoring, are stored under standard conditions and roasted only when receiving orders from customers. Cafio coffee is considered a reward for coffee lovers.

For inquiries, please contact:

Tel: 08 6656 1212

Email: thaoplp@nosafood.com

Website: Caphetra.com

JBU Viet Nam Co., Ltd.

logoJBU is sole distributor in SEA of MOSA products (Taiwan)  including tools & equipment for making whipping cream, soda & other products for food & drinks serving

JBU founded in 2010, with head office in central Bangkok Thailand, & has established the distributor network chains around SEA with its branch in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and now has setup office JBU Vietnam in HCMC.

We provide Tools & equipment/ ingredient for making whipping cream & soda: Cream gas Charger N2O, Soda gas charger CO2, Cream whipper, Soda maker, Soda siphon… other ingredient products for food & drinks serving: whipping cream powder & ice blended smoothies powder…


Tan Nhat Huong

Nhat Huong logoIn 1998, Nhat Huong Company – the foundation of Tan Nhat Huong today – was founded as a company specializing in the manufacturing and trading of food products and baking ingredients. With many years of experience in the baking industry, in 2007, Tan Nhat Huong invested in a topping cream factory with advanced technology transferred  from F.B.Ice Holland, which met the standards of the food safety management system HACCP/ISO 22000:2005

Tan Nhat Huong’s factory is the first topping cream factory in Vietnam, invested in and manufactured by a Vietnamese Entrepreneur, marking a breakthrough and contributing to the diversity of the competitive baking industry today.

Tan Nhat Huong is proud to have launched a series of topping cream products with unique tastes, permanence  and many  outstanding  features.

Tan Nhat Huong  guarantees to constantly improve the quality as well as the service to introduce the best products meeting domestic and international customers’ needs.

For inquiries, please contact:

Tan Nhat Huong Co.,Ltd

61A Tran Quang Dieu Street, Ward 13, District 3, HCM City

Tel:08 6267 8912

Email: chuhoi@tannhathuong.com

Website: www.tannhathuong.com

Tấn Khoa


Công ty TNHH TM Tấn Khoa được thành lập vào năm 1996 và là nhà phân phối hàng đầu về các loại rượu tại Việt Nam hơn 17 năm qua. Vào tháng 04/2008, Tấn Khoa đã trở thành công ty cổ phần với tên gọi: Công ty Cổ Phần Phân Phối Tấn Khoa, với 8 chi nhánh và kho hàng, hơn 29 đại lý phủ khắp toàn quốc.

Từ năm 1996, Tấn Khoa đã là nhà phân phối độc quyền cho hơn 500 loại rượu như: rượu Vang, Champagne, Vodka, Rhum, Tequilla, Gin, Cognac, Whisky, Liqueur, Syrup

Website: http://www.tankhoa.com/about-us


untitledPHÚC LỘC THỌ là Công ty chuyên khai thác, sản xuất, kinh doanh, xuất khẩu các sản phẩm từ ong. Được thành lập từ năm 2009, đến nay PHÚC LỘC THỌ là một trong những doanh nghiệp hàng đầu Việt Nam trong lĩnh vực bán lẻ và xuất khẩu mật ong.

Với phương châm: “Chất lượng tạo nên niềm tin Khách hàng”, PHÚC LỘC THỌ cam kết luôn đem đến cho Quý khách sản phẩm mật ong tốt nhất, không qua pha chế.

Website: http://www.matongphucloctho.com/


logo-tangBonAppetit is a trademark of Banh Phap Tranding-Service Co.,LTD be present on the market since 2007.Formerly the store :Trang’s kitchen was born in 2008. Company operating in the filed ò manufacturing all kinds of cakes, wholase food, restaurant business, coffee…

Bonappetit specializing in all kinds of bread, pastry shops premium. Also provides all kinds cakes and parties, weddings, pastries, birthday, Valentine’s at the request of customers. Diverse styles, seductive arma and flavor, which is Bonappetit pastries. Not through simple, picky, cakes from Bonappetit gives you the sweet pastry, elegant, and luxurious as the what you feel about the capital ò Frand – which is know as the cradle of western European pastries.

Banh Phap company is company manufacturing and supplying the highest quality food and desing market with the tastes,bar delicious,affordable cost of industrial custpmers in research. Professional in research, design and manufactured in order to create new products to meet customers requirements. Concentrate on continuous improvement, the highest business standards, professional ethics, resulting in increased value for our customers increase.

Banh Phap company set out the mission of providing high quality products with the best service for customers,using innovative production in a working environment, focused on continuous improvement, pepper highest business standards, professional ethics.

Website: http://banhphap.com.vn


logo-newAngel-in-us Coffee VietNam is a chain of coffee also belonging to Lotteria VietNam Co.,LTD. The first store opened on 11/2008 at Kim Do Hotel, Nguyen Hue Street. In 2015, Angel-in-us Coffee has more than 825 stores in Korea, China, Indonesia and 05 stores in Viet Nam.

Website: http://www.lotteria.vn



J. B.U (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is sole distributor in SEA of MOSA Corp (Taiwan), which supplies products for food & beverage services. JBU founded in 2010, have office and warehouse located in central Bangkok Thailand, & has established the distributior network chains around SEA.

Website: http://www.jbuthailand@gmail.com

Solomon International Company Limited

logo-cong-ty-solomon“Company names: Solomon International Company Limited Address: 653 Phan Van Tri Street, 7 Ward, Go vap Districts, Ho Chi Minh City Business registration license: 06/06/2013 and 09/30/2015 date change Our company Specializes in importing and distribution of all premium food items “Company names: Solomon International Company Limited Address: 653 Phan Van Tri Street, 7 Ward, Go vap Districts, Ho Chi Minh City Business registration license: 06/06/2013 and 09/30/2015 date change.

Our company Specializes in importing and distribution of all premium food items Company names: Solomon International Company Limited Address: 653 Phan Van Tri Street, 7 Ward, Go vap Districts, Ho Chi Minh City Business registration license: 06/06/2013 and 09/30/2015 date change Our company Specializes in importing and distribution of all premium food items

Website: http://solomonorganic.com


logo-total-swissTập đoàn ToTal Swiss là tập đoàn chuyên nghiệp trong ngành Chăm sóc sức khỏe, được thành lập vào năm 2010, phân phối dòng sản phẩm Chăm sóc máu và tế bào được sản xuất tại Thụy Sĩ. Tuy là một tập đoàn trẻ nhưng với sản phẩm và chiến lược kinh doanh hiệu quả, Total Swiss đã đạt những danh hiệu cao trên thị trường Quốc tế.

Website: http://www.totalswiss.com

TH Food Chain Joint Stock Company

logo-th-true-milkLà hệ thống Trang Trại chăn nuôi Bò sữa tập trung quy mô công nghiệp với sự hoàn mỹ của quy trình chăm sóc và quản lý đàn bò theo công nghệ hiện đại nhất thế giới; đàn bò được nghe nhạc, được uống nước tinh khiết, được tắm mát mỗi ngày…

Website: http://www.thmilk.vn

Nokchawon tea, The taste of Korean

exhibitor cf-02Nokchawon tea, The taste of Korean
Nokchawon is a Korean Tea & Beverage company leading dynamic trend and long culinary culture.

With professional skills and continuous efforts to make healthy food, we are striving to share the ‘Taste of Korea” with local and overseas customers.
In addition, we supply best food and beverage products with services for corporate customers in a variety of business areas too.
As a new icon in the food and beverage market, Nokchawon will continue its efforts with unfaltering principle of supplying good food.

The solution of offering best food material for customers
Nokchawon is offering raw material to food service companies so as they can provide variety of food and beverage to their customers.
Nokchawon also acts as a source of safe raw food material to world famous overseas brands, cafe franchises, food material and food companies at home and abroad.

Health functional food, the choice responding to customers’ desire for health
Responding to the growing concern of customers for health, Nokchawon is striving to develop solutions for the satisfaction of future consumers by taking over the companies with expertise in health functional food as well as in-house research.

Through steady R & D activities, Nokchawon will provide new food trends started with traditional Korean healthy food ginseng, red-ginseng to various food material.

For inquiries, please contact:


18C4 66 Street, Tan Quy Dong R.A, Tan Phong Wrd, Dist 7, HCMC

Tel: 84-3775-434

Email: thang.pham@nokchawonvn.com

Website: http://nokchawon.co.kr/

Coffee Machine
La Marzocco

exhibitor cf-15THE BEST Company established and operating under the business license number 0311247923 by the Business Registration Office of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City dated 17.10.2011.
With over 05 years of development, we are proud to be providing local firms, technical support, and installations to the fast food industry, kitchen equipment for restaurants, hotels, ice-cream industry in Vietnam.
From a small local business in the country. After a period of operation with all staffs is young Vietnamese, full of enthusiasm with professional qualifications, And now we have won the trust and work directly with well-known brands in the world in the field of F & B such as: Taylor (1926), Fabbri (1905), IFI (1962), Lamarzocco (1927) and many prestigious brands such as: 3M, Laspaziale, …

Founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, La Marzocco had its beginnings in Florence, Italy, birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to such geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi who created some of the most celebrated works of art in the world.

It seems only fitting that La Marzocco would earn a world renown reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, with great attention to detail.

For inquiries, please contact:



Tel: 0909.533.248

Email: xuan.pham@thebestco.vn; admin1@thebestco.vn

Website:  http://www.thebestco.vn


exhibitor cf-08Năm 1949, TAKIGAWA Việt Nam (Công ty) đã vươn lên và đi đầu trong ngành sản xuất bao bì nhựa.
Với phương châm hoạt động là “Mang đến sự an toàn và an tâm”.
Từ đó, Công ty đã đầu tư vào các nghiên cứu tiên tiến để cải thiện chất lượng và phát triển các dòng sản phẩm mới.
Với một hệ thống toàn diện xuyên suốt từ thiết kế đến giai đoạn thổi phim, in, dán màng, và công đoạn làm bao bì, Công ty đều nhắm tới giảm thiểu ô nhiễm đến mội trường. Và cuối cùng, Công ty đã vận hành được một hệ thống quản lí sản xuất tự động hóa trong vận chuyển, theo dõi tình trạng hoạt động của mỗi đơn hàng theo thời gian thực.
Hiện tại, Công ty đã có mạng lưới chi nhánh tại Việt Nam, Singapore, và Bắc Mĩ.

Được xem như là một nhà tiên phong trong ngành công nghiệp bao bì nhựa dạng mềm. Tập đoàn TAKIGAWA thực sự hy vọng có thể đóng góp nhiều hơn cho xã hội bằng cách tạo ra các sản phẩm khác biệt và an toàn, thân thiện, và kinh tế để đáp ứng được các nhu cầu khác nhau trên thị trường

Takigawa Corporation Vietnam cung cấp nhiều loại bao bì nhựa mềm với khả năng bảo quản tốt đối với oxi hóa, độ ẩm và ánh sáng trực tiếp; chống trơn trượt cùng với những thiết kế mang tính nghệ thuật và độc đáo nhằm thỏa mãn nhu cầu cho cả khách hàng trong và ngoài nước. Chúng tôi tự hào rằng có thể cung cấp những sản phẩm tốt nhất và đạt được sự hài lòng nhất từ khách hàng.

Để biết thêm chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ:

Công ty TNHH TM Tân Nhất Hương


Điện thoại: 84 650 222 1010

Email: y.takigawa@vn.takigawa-corp.com

Website: www.Takigawa-corp.vn

Charles Wembley

exhibitor cf 2-051980 Charles Wembley was found in Singapore.
1989 Opened the first office in HCMC , Vietnam.
Originally CW was the pioneer in introducing high tech Medical equipment and devices to Viet Nam
After 28 years now CW has 3 offices and showrooms throughout VietNam : Head Office is in Ho Chi Minh City, 2 Branch Offices are in Ha Noi City and Da Nang City , We plan to open 3 more branch offices in 2017
2006 CW started the Kitchen , F & B Business.
CW started food service before Vietnam became a member of WTO in 2007 . We participated our 1st FHV show with the first and only well decorated island booth in Vietnam
2011 CW has expanded into Phnom Penh, Cambodia – our main office. Today we have 1 branch office in Siem Riep in The famous Angkor Wat – one of the world’s 7 wonders is located

Our Products Lines:
Coffee Line; Buffet Line; Main Kitchen; Washing Area; Preparation Area; Asian Kitchen Range ; Western Kitchen Range; Refrigeration; Display Equipment; Ice Machine; Gelato Machine; Bar Equipment; Bakery Equipment; Industrial Kitchen Equipment; Table Wares & Kitchen Utensils; Customized stainless steel products; Housekeeping products; Ingredients Supply; Outdoor Service;
Our brands : Comprital , Davinci Gourmet , Carpigiani, Blendtec , Hoshizaki , Hiestand , Ecolab , Aiya

For inquiries, please contact:


14/7A Than Nhan Trung, Ward 13, District Tan Binh, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: 08. 38498888

Email: charlie@charleswembley.com

Website: http://charleswembley.com/home/

Quang Tan Hoa

logo QTH

Established in 2005, Quang Tan Hoa has become a trusted place in the coffee industry, importing and distributing of major European brands (Isi, Astoria, Giffard) and Vitamix (USA). In addition, the company also distributes 3M water purifiers.
The products of Quang Tan Hoa in addition to ISO and HACCP certification and publicity are also certified by international agencies.

Isi Whipper and cream charger specialties for the F&B industry – are always the products of the world’s favorite coffee corporations and appointed to use. ISI products are insured globally and meet HACCP standards – the international reputation for food safety and hygiene.

Astoria is the world’s leading brand of coffee machines, made in Italy with a capacity of 70,000 pcs/ year. Established from 1969, Astoria is a symbol representing durability and quality, modern designs. Astoria always strives to make every machine a PERFECT QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL maintenance service.


Proudly one of the oldest brands of syrup in France, Giffard is always the first choice of professionals around the world. The factory is located in Anger/ Loire with the famous fruit-growing region, syrup was made 100% in France with the best natural ingredients, pure water, high fruit content, no chemical sugar, the user can definitely peace of mind for product quality.


For inquiries, please contact:

8A/A21 Thai Van Lung str., Ben Nghe ward., Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: ‘08 38294960

Email: info@quangtanhoa.com

Website: www.quangtanhoa.com

New Tech

new-tech“NewTech Mechanical Industry Co., LTD is a company specializes in consulting, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installating, … from individual equipments to complete line systems in the industry chain of coffee processing , agricultural products and foodstuffs. Our company constantly improve and enhance the quality of products, services and solutions optimized to meet the expectations of customers.”

Website: http://cknewtech.vn/


logo-khong-nenMANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED FOR THE MECHANICAL ANPHA pioneer in the production and packaging machinery,coffee packaging machines, automatic packaging machines, self-standing glass presses, presses yogurt cups manufacturing plant professional Filling in Vietnam.

With oversized quality warranty and maintenance take place. Alpha Engineering Company has been a trusted choice for companies and units with demand for packaging machines in production, packaging and the product poured quickly and accurately.

Website: http://maydonggoi.com.vn/en

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